From November 10th, reservations will no longer be required.

Visitor Status

Thank you for your cooperation in the reservation system.
From November 10th, the reservation system will be suspended for the time being.
We ask for your understanding that we may resume the reservation system depending on the infection status of the new coronavirus.


【Closed】New Year's Holiday, late June for pest control

Due to social condition, the Museum maybe closed or may change admission.Please check the latest information atThis museum's homepagebefore visiting.
Depending on the situation, the following may be closed or not available:
Time-Travelling Room, Playroom, Children's Museum,Study Room, Rest Area, Stamp Rally, Touch Panel, Audio Guidance, Hands-on-Display, etc.

  • Personal information submitted at the time of reservation may be disclosed upon request by degree, or to public institution such as public health center on valid grounds.

Please be sure to read…

image Make reservation by web.
※ Reservation will not be accepted by other means such as by phone call.

image Reservation is possible one month ahead of your visit.

image Up to 29 persons in one reservation.

If you are using spam filter (e.g. blocking e-mail from PC), reservation confirmation message might be blocked.
Before making reservation, please allow messages from ""

  • All visitors must make Web Reservation in advance. This includes those who have invitation ticket and pre-school children who are admission free.
  • You can select the hour to enter the Museum. (Last slot is 15:00-16:30) Please arrive in time of your reservation.
  • You can reserve one-hour slot per day.
  • Commercial use of the Museum is not permitted.
  • If you do not receive the confirmation message, please check your e-mail address and your spam filter setting.
  • Your body temperature will be measured using non-contact thermometer. If your temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius, we will decline your entry to the Museum.
  • Please wear a mask when visiting the Museum.

※ For those who cannot make web reservation but can come directly to the ticket counter, small number of hour designated tickets for the day will be issued. However, the number of the available tickets depends on Web Reservation. (We do not accept reservation by phone call, postcard, etc.) Web reservation will have priority so we may not accommodate your wishes.

Admission and Entrance

  • Please come to the Museum on time for your reserved hour. At the reserved hour, you will be admitted in. (There might be some delay if crowded.)
  • You might not be able to enter if you come after your reserved hour.
  • Please show the QR code.
  • Purchase your admission ticket at vending machine.
  • There will be body temperature check using non-contact thermometer.

We will check the following:

image ① QR Code on screen or print-out

image ② Certificates if you're elderly or handicapped.
(Various official certificates, Physical Disability Certificate)

image ③ Face mask
(Wear a mask all time in the Museum.)