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Terms of Website Use
This terms and conditions (hereinafter the "Terms") of the service (hereinafter the "Service") provided by this website (hereinafter the “Website”) managed and operated by KitaKyushu Inochinotabi Museum (hereinafter the “Museum”) is as follows. Each user who register (hereinafter the "User") is to abide by the terms set forth when using the Service.
Section 1: Scope
1. The Terms are to apply all the interaction between the User and the Museum.
2. The Museum may set rules and stipulations (hereinafter "the Individual Stipulations") aside those set forth in the Terms. However, these Individual Stipulations are to be viewed as comprising a part of the Terms.
3. When there are conflicts between the Terms and the Individual Stipulations, unless it is stated in the Individual Stipulations, the Terms supersedes.
Section 2: Usage Registration
1. The registration completes when a user agrees with the Terms, submits application for the usage registration, and the Museum approves the application.
2. The Museum may not approve an application based on the following. And the Museum is not obliged to disclose the reasons.
2-1. When false information was used in the application for usage registration.
2-2. When application is made by those who previously violated the Terms.
2-3. When the Museum deems the usage registration is inappropriate.
Section 3: E-Mail Address Handling
1. The User are to oversee of the e-mail address used to register for this Service.
2. The User should not transfer or lend the e-mail address under any circumstance. The e-mail address should not be shared among third-party. When the e-mail address and the information managed by the Service matches, the museum will view the User as the one using the Service.
3. The Museum will not be liable for damages caused by third-party using the e-mail address.
Section 4: Prohibition
User should not engage in the following:
1. Acts that violate public order and morals or carry the risk of such violation.
2. Acts that violate laws, ordinances, etc. or carry the risk of such violation.
3. Acts that infringe on the property, rights, or privacy, etc. of the Museum or a third party or carry the risk of such infringement.
4. Acts that destructs or denies the service of servers and network devices of the Museum, the User, or a third party.
5. Acts of using the Website for business activities or other commercial activities.
6. Acts that interfere with the operation of the Website.
7. Acts of unauthorized access or attempt.
8. Acts of harvesting and storing other User's personal information.
9. Acts of using this Service with improper intent.
10. Acts that cause disadvantages or damages to the User(s) or a third party or carry the risk of causing disadvantages or damages.
11. Acts of impersonating another User.
12. Acts of publicizing, advertising, and other commercial activities not approved by the Museum.
13. Acts of providing services both directly and indirectly to anti-social forces.
14. Other acts deemed as inappropriate by the Museum.
Section 5: Suspension of the Service
1. In the following cases, the Museum can suspend or interrupt a part or all the Service, without prior notice to the User:
1-1. When conducting maintenance check and updates of the computer system for the Service.
1-2. When it is unable to provide the Service, due to earthquake, lighting strike, fire, or act of god.
1-3. When the computer system or communication line is stopped, due to some accident.
1-4. Other occasion when the Museum deems it is not possible to provide the Service.
2. The Museum will not be liable for any loss or damages cause by the suspension or the interruption of the Service.
Section 6: Restriction and Cancellation
1. In the following cases, the Museum can restrict the Service provided for a User, in part or whole, and may cancel the registration of a User, without prior notice:
1-1. When a User violates any of the terms set forth.
1-2. Upon discovering the registered information is false.
1-3. When a User fails to make any necessary payment.
1-4. When there is no reply in a set period of time, to message(s) from the Museum.
1-5. When there is no usage of the Service for a set period of time.
1-6. When the Museum deems the usage of this Service is inappropriate.
2. The Museum will not be liable for any damages cause by the restriction or cancellation of the registration.
Section 7: Disclaimer and Waiver
1. The Museum assumes no liability (including but not limited to stability, reliability, accuracy, completeness, validity, suitability for a specific purpose, security related defects, errors or bugs, infringement of rights etc.) in regards to the Service.
2. The Museum will not be liable for any damage affecting a User, using the Service.
3. The Museum will not be liable for arising from any transaction, communication, or disputes between users or a third-party.
Section 10: Modification of Service
The Museum can modify or discontinue the Service without prior notice. The Museum will not be liable for any loss incurred by the modification or discontinuation.
Section 11: Modification of the Terms and Conditions of Use
The Museum can modify the Terms when it deems necessary, without prior notice to users. A user is deemed to have accepted the modified Terms when start using the Service.
Section 12: Personal Information
The Museum will comply with KitaKyushu-city Personal Information Protection Law, concerning the protection of personal information.
Section 13: Notification and Communication
Notification and communication between a User and the Museum shall be done by methods selected by the Museum. It is deemed completed when the Museum makes outgoing transmission.
Section 14: Prohibition of transfer of rights and obligations
A User will not be able to transfer or to give as security one's standing in the Terms or any rights or obligation, without an approval in writing from the Museum.
Section 15: Governing Law and Jurisdiction
1. The interpretation and application of the Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan
2. Conflicts that arise from the Service will be governed primarily under the exclusive jurisdiction of the court where the Museum resides.
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